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White Ink: New possibilities with the Indigo 7500


White ink on black paper

Printing in true white ink has been a limitation of traditional offset printing for many years – and usually is substituted with white foils to achieve the desired results. Offset white inks generally lack opacity and can require additional passes through the press. This results in a longer, more expensive project without a guarantee that your whites aren’t flat or muddy.

So most clients choose to simply knockout their white elements, as it is more consistent and generally won’t increase your costs. But this can limit your design and substrate choices. What about a white ink that does not have the same design limitations and can fit most budgets?

With the addition of the HP Indigo 7500 to Hemlock’s fleet of presses, printing white ink with offset quality on a coloured or transparent substrate became a lot easier.

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The HP Indigo 7500

Our industry continues to change and the growth of digital products is a continuing trend and one that is key to meeting customer needs. That’s why we have installed the HP Indigo 7500.

There are so many advantages to the installation of the 7500, but here are just a few of the key aspects we’d like to highlight:

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