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Following up Richard’s post from yesterday, I’d like to talk a bit more about our communication efforts at the trade fair. As part of our sponsorship participation in this year’s GLOBE conference, we were eager to share our sustainability story with the many local, regional and international attendees who spent time in the trade fair under the sails at the Vancouver Conference Centre.

A key element of our communication was a fun and informative graphic depicting our paper supply chain, a critical part of our business both in terms of the very substantial part of our total purchases it represents, as well as the potential  environmental impact it can have.

The graphic depicts key areas of Hemlock’s supply chain:

  • Where the paper comes from: well managed forests, recycled fibre from the “urban forest” and new is fibre from agricultural waste products
  • Where our paper is made: and more recently from agricultural by-products), the mills that manufacture it (the mills we purchase from are FSC® chain of custody certified, many of which are also using Green-e certified renewable energy
  • Where your projects are printed: Hemlock’s Burnaby, BC based manufacturing plant is carbon neutral. Our Zero Carbon Neutral program , unique in North America, considers this plus the full lifecycle and transportation emissions of each paper we purchase
  • What happens to printed products at the end of their life: Through recycling programs throughout Canada and the United States, all manner of printed material is collected and re-introduced into the supply chain. Recovery rates, now averaging 50% in Canada and the US, are growing as programs and facilities improve

FSC logoWe also made a concerted effort to make clear the various important designations at each step, including FSC® Certified PapersGreen-e,  Ancient Forest Friendly, carbon neutral by Offsetters, and our Zero program.   Collectively, they provide a comprehensive solution for our customers seeking to print in the most sustainable manner possible. We’re excited to continue to progress on a sustainability journey with our customers.

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Also included in our trade fair space were two large floor-stands expanding on our partnerships with Offsetters and Step Forward Paper. We’ve worked with Offsetters since 2009, and they are an exceptional resource for us in mitigating our carbon emissions with high quality offset projects like the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project. And while Step Forward is a very recent addition to our supplier roster, with the help of Unisource we are now accessing their innovative text weight papers manufactured from 60% wheat straw.

We were pleased to have had the chance to meet such an interesting and diverse variety of visitors at the show, learning much from their perspectives on sustainable business practices, and share what we have learned and still hope to accomplish. If you dropped by, thanks for visiting – if you didn’t get the chance, we hope to see you at GLOBE 2016!

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