Richard’s Report: 2014 GLOBE Conference


Last week, Vancouver hosted over 10,000 participants at the 2014 Globe Conference. This year featured a very impressive line-up of speakers discussing solutions to the biggest issues facing our world today. How can businesses and governments adapt to the many serious environmental issues we are facing today? I heard inspiring discussions about renewable energy, sustainable product design, ‘the circular economy’ as well as innovative programs from local governments to help us truly realize the concept of environmental sustainability.

GLOBE 2014 Program

Hemlock was proud to be a part of another successful Globe, both as the official print sponsor and exhibitor at the trade show. We printed all of the Globe show materials including the exhibition and conference guidebooks, which were both printed using Step Forward Paper. This recently launched paper to the Vancouver market is 60% Wheat Straw fiber and 40% Forest Stewardship Council© Certified tree fiber. We encourage our clients to take a look at this new product (available in 50,60 and 70lb text weights) for their future jobs – supporting this new substrate will help develop the demand of a brand new fiber supply in North America.

We’ve posted a few pics  from our booth which features a new graphic  we developed for the show. We wanted to graphically demonstrate where Hemlock’s environmental programs address various steps in the supply chain – from the fibers in the papers we print on, to the transportation footprint and the manufacturing processes themselves.

All in all, it was a fantastic three days at Globe – the common thread I observed throughout the event was ALL parties are responsible for making change happen – individuals, governments and businesses. When working together, big change and rapid change is possible.  One of the most dramatic examples of this is the exciting growth of solar power within the US – have a look at SolarCity  who was featured at Globe.

Have any questions about Globe or questions about any of Hemlock’s environmental programs, please don’t hesitate to If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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