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There are a lot of blog articles out there addressing a so-called conflict between print and electronic media. At Hemlock, we think these two media platforms are complimentary: Print giving a sense of tangibility and permanence to your message and branding, while online and electronic documents can help the immediacy and reach of the same elements.

Hemlock offers five different formats of Electronic Reader Technology:

Electronic Reader

One type of Electronic Reader offered by Hemlock

  1. HTML Readers: This flipbook document has plenty of personalization options and can be viewed online. Check out this copy of one of our own marketing pieces, known as our Beaver Booklet: www.hemlock.com/flipbookdemo
  2. Mobile: This is also an online flipbook in the same style as our Flash Reader, but can be viewed on mobile devices.
  3. EXE and Zip: With setting title, icon and open window size, the user can easily distribute this format to a wide audience.
  4. App: An executable applicable to be run on the Mac platform.
  5. CD: Files are burned to disc by Hemlock.

Whenever one of our clients requests an Electronic Reader, our standing offering  is a combination of HTML and Mobile flipbooks. Our clients have found that these technologies allow for their messages to reach a larger audience, with print supporting online and vice versa.

The integration of print and mobile has exciting possibilities also, but we’ll save that for a future blog post.

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